2005 edition: The following technical equipment is approved by GAC for use during FAI General Aviation Championships.

provided by
Scoring source
Landing Scoring System Switzerland PF / RF pressure sensor
Landing Scoring System Germany PF / RF microphone
Landing Scoring System Hungary PF / RF pressure sensor
Landing Scoring System South Africa RF Sensor ("Bingo" System)
Landing Scoring System Italy RF Video/Photo
Printing Stop Watches Austrian Aero Club (FAI-GAC) PF / RF 12 Seiko, S129
Printing Stop Watches German Aero Club PF / RF 3 Heuer
Printing Stop Watches Hungarian Aero Club PF / RF 5 Heuer

When visual/manual scoring is used, the landings have to be documented on video.

(No specific requirement is set up for the video equipment, however, it is recommended that the recording is taken with a shutter setting between 1/200 and 1/1000. Reviewing should be possible in "still-picture"/single frame viewing and slow motion mode. A digital video camera is preferable).