11 Nov 2019

Statement from the FAI on the fatal accident at the F3F Radio Control Soaring (Slope) World Cup, Chinese Taipei

The FAI is aware of the fatal accident at the F3F Radio Control Soaring (Slope) World Cup in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) on Saturday 2 November 2019.

In the accident, a woman who was not involved with the competition was killed when she was hit by a model glider [flying as part of the competition]. Her son also suffered minor injuries to his neck.

We can not confirm the full names of the woman and her son.

The F3F Radio Control Soaring (Slope) World Cup was sanctioned as an FAI Category 2 competition. FAI Category 2 competitions are organised and run by local organisers.

The local organiser in this instance was the Taiwan R/C Slope Glider Association, which is affiliated with the Chinese Taipei Aerosports Federation.

The FAI has been in contact with the local organisers of the competition and the Chinese Taipei Aerosports Federation and has offered its full support.

We are supporting and cooperating with the local organisers, authorities and police in their investigation, which is ongoing.

We know that this will be a very difficult time for the family of the accident victim, and we extend our sincere condolences to them. We also join the entire FAI Aeromodelling community in extending our best wishes to the little boy for a swift and full recovery from his injuries.


We can confirm that this type of accident in the FAI Aeromodelling community is extremely rare. We are not aware of any other fatal accidents of pilots or bystanders in the recent history of FAI Aeromodelling competition.